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Discover the Power of BKwire

Corporate Bankruptcy Data, Reimagined

BKwire was created to provide business-to-business professionals with a comprehensive and easy to use window into corporate bankruptcy data. BKwire aggregates US Federal Court bankruptcy filings into an intuitive, searchable interface that is customized by interest areas, geographical location, and specific companies of interest.

Corporate bankruptcies can strike unexpectedly, exposing businesses to sales loss, credit risk and supplier volatility. With over 300,000 suppliers, banks, investors, and others impacted by corporate bankruptcy annually, fortifying businesses against credit risks has never been more critical. BKwire’s insights include:

  • Daily Corporate Bankruptcy Filings

  • Companies Impacted by Corporate Bankruptcy

  • Bankruptcy Petitions

  • Advanced Search & Filtering

  • Customized Watchlists & Alerts

  • Access to case documents. (BKwire MVP Members)

  • BKwire News Aggregator

Empower Your Credit Authority with Actionable Bankruptcy Intelligence.

The Trickle Down Effect:

Businesses Impacted by Corporate Bankruptcy

Corporate bankruptcy is a complex and often unpredictable process that can have far-reaching financial, legal, and operational consequences for a company, its shareholders, employees, and creditors.

It can impact the company’s ability to operate, its reputation, and its relationships with customers and suppliers. It can also trigger a chain reaction that affects the broader economy, making it crucial to manage the process carefully and effectively. Proper planning, communication, and collaboration can help mitigate the negative effects of corporate bankruptcy and facilitate a smoother transition for all parties involved.

BKwire allows you to zero in on impacted businesses to expose hidden relationships and understand a bankruptcy’s broader effects, including downstream risks and creditor exposure.


How BKwire Works For your Business: Easy as 1.2.3

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We do the work for you

Bkwire’s technology allows you to quickly access key corporate bankruptcies and impacted businesses. Utilize unique customize search functions to easily share, follow and download company data.

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Targeted And Efficient

BKwire organizes the bankruptcy data to assist you in identifying trends, patterns, and industry outliers. Targeted data may be used across all industries to mitigate current customer portfolio risk, increase sales, explore financing opportunities, acquisitions, employee recruitment, and enrich company data.

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Follow Companies Impacted by bankruptcy and avoid the panic

The watchlist allows you to easily monitor companies in the BKwire data base. Get informed if a company files or is impacted by a bankruptcy.

BKwire provides a targeted line of sight into corporate bankruptcies that is
like nothing else on the market.

“We use it daily to keep tabs on customers, suppliers, and competitors so that we are the first to know if bankruptcy strikes.”

Alan Cosby, Thompson Oil

Daily News Digest

Stay Ahead of the Game with The BKwire News Aggregator

The BKwire news platform collects and curates the latest sector news and analysis from top sources across multiple industries, giving you the insights, you need to make informed decisions about your company’s future.